Consulting with TMI

TMI provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • Dealing with undesirable behaviour
  • Improving individual and organisational performance
  • Design of leadership development programs aimed at helping leaders to address problem behaviours

Measurement & ROI

What gets measured gets achieved.  Measuring – be it at the individual, team, or organizational level – makes results (or lack thereof)  tangible and beyond debate.

TMI provides a range of measurement services as the individual, team, and organisational levels:

  • Organisation: climate surveys, customer satisfaction
  • Team Assessment and Profiling: 360 degree feedback, cohesion maps
  • Individual Assessment: depression, workplace performance, skills assessment.

Where are you in the “Success Five“?

  1. Now?  Knowing the existing state of play is critical.   What’s prompted the desire to change?  What event, evidence or experience has brought the problem to light?
  2. Next?  What don’t we want?  What do we want?
  3. Numbers?  How will we know if we are succeeding?  Whether the metric is objective, subjective or a blend of both – we need to know what success looks like and what would constitute evidence.
  4. Actions?  Now we can design interventions and track how our activities are generating productive or counterproductive change.
  5. Results?  Are we getting the results we want?  Does the process need adjusting?

"One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions."

Grace Murray Hopper

Recent Projects

  • Designing and delivering a program aimed at raising customer focus in government employees.
  • Staff engagement project with ‘one of the big four’ to raise levels of staff satisfaction and address areas of concern.
  • Development of a specialized one day program for a public utility to enable staff to more effectively resolve customer complaints.
  • Consulting with a CFO on methods for improving staff performance and productivity and then implementing quarterly staff satisfaction surveys to track the success of interventions initiated.
  • Design and implementation of a program to address conflict and communication problems within a senior executive team.
  • Development of a program for improving staff morale in response to the results of a climate survey for a large retail organization.
  • Presentation skills coaching for a group of retail award winners in preparation for National awards.

“Engaging, thoughtful and on message!”

“Our organisation has engaged Tracey on many occasions and we always walk away totally satisfied all our planned outcomes have been achieved.
Tracey is very engaging, thoughtful and on message.
Her unique techniques and physical interactions within the group ensure our people enjoy her presence and take away valuable information at the same time. “

Michael Slater | Group Commercial Manager | McGregor Gourlay Group

“Lead to immediate results!”

“Our company has utilised the services of Tracey McGrath International Pty Ltd as part of our on-going corporate training and development.  Tracey provides coaching and training in the area of Corporate development and we utilised her services in a number of ways.  Our key staff went through Leadership coaching and mentoring program and Tracey provided ideas and tools for staff to easily adopt.   She is passionate, understanding and really takes time to understand the business and the person, before embarking on a rigorous program, that aligns to the business.   Her style and technique lead to immediate results and we have seen this in our business in WA.”

Leonie Milonas | State Manager WA