Very worthwhile

Very worthwhile
Iona presentation College
September 7, 1998

Thank you for your presentation and also for the results of the pre– and post – knowledge tests. Was very worthwhile to receive feedback from the presentation.

The feedback from your presentation was very positive and I would like to share with you some of the comments received:

  • “Where to start???!! Logically eliminating some difficulties by changing my mindset; incorporating bits of relaxation into my life; understanding more clearly the diversity evidencing human beings and behaviour. The handbook given to us is excellent… Very handy for ongoing use and reference”
  • “This can be applied to everyday life and stress… It was useful to identify stress and how it influences your life”
  • “It comes into all facets of my personal and professional life by consciously thinking about how to manage my stress to help me become more productive”

Many staff members commented that follow-up professional development would be very worthwhile, putting more of the theory they learned into practice. Once again, many thanks for a great morning.


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