Overwhelmingly positive!

The results from our yearly staff surveys consistently showed the most common professional development training requested by our lecturing, professional and managerial staff has been around managing Mental Health concerns in the workplace. Whether dealing with students, team mates or direct reports, our staff stated they did not have sufficient knowledge or tools available to them to navigate the complexities they face in this area.

After trialling several providers and workshop models, the feedback we received from Tracey McGrath’s “Working Well: Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace” program was overwhelmingly positive. Our staff consistently rate this workshop the best PD activity they have participated in to date, noting its practical applications in both the workplace and in their personal lives. We are about to run our 8th fully booked workshop this month, meaning that more than 70% of our staff have voluntarily attended these workshops and demand is still strong.

It is deeply satisfying and encouraging watching staff move from feeling completely out of their depth to feeling more confident when having difficult conversation around managing Mental Health issues in the workplace, in the course of a day.

I highly recommend this course to any organisations wishing to start and/or further develop meaningful “Working Well” conversations in the workplace.

Kelly Maher, Manager, Human Resources and Workplace Relations South West Institute of TAFE August 1, 2015


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