Made people feel at ease

Made people feel at ease
The W.A. Association for Mental Health (Inc)
April 28, 1998

Dear Tracey

I would like to thank you for presenting the workshop on “Conflict Resolution and Working with Difficult People” to employees and volunteers of members of the W.A. Association for Mental Health.

Through my own participation in the workshop on feedback I’ve had from other participants, I would like to make the following comments:

  • Your style of presentation help to make people feel at ease and encouraged active participation;
  • By asking what expectations people had on them reviewing these at the close of the session, who ensured the workshop was pertinent to all participants. All these expectations were addressed;
  • The workshop was well paced, using readily identifiable examples.

I believe each participant took away some newly acquired knowledge and skills that they could apply in their area of work. The next step for the association would be to build on the skills with mental health specific examples work through some of the issues people are confronted with on daily basis.

I would like to talk with you within the next few weeks about other training possibilities.


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