Humour was enjoyed by all

Humour was enjoyed by all
WASSRA: W.A. State School Registrars Association Inc
June 28, 1999

“Dealing with the behaviour of difficult people” is an issue which is very closely associated with the job of School Registrar and School Officer, so when our professional development committee initiated a workshop conducted by you it was eagerly accepted by members of our Association.

As we are always the first contact in a school, the emotions displayed by our clientele, be it face-to-face or over the phone, is not always polite, so it was pleasing to learn strategies for us to implement which would assist us in remaining calm and confident.  Body language and slowing one’s breathing were two “tips” which I’m confident will assist this.  Also your “Lassie” approach to diffusing angry people is easy to remember.  The handout supplied was well set out and very pertinent.

Your humour throughout the session was enjoyed by all and I’m sure those who attended gained many strategies which will empower them to deal more effectively with difficult situations.

Thank you for presenting a very enjoyable program.


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