Brilliant! Keep on inspiring people

Brilliant! Keep on inspiring people
April 3, 2014

Hi Tracey

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your training session last week.

I gained a new perspective when interacting with my team, a prime example was today the team member who I found extremely challenging did not push any buttons, I just kept saying in my head YOU ARE SOOOO BLUE, I know what strategies I need to apply here. It was brilliant, can’t thank you enough.

Your excellent presentation skills, sense of humour and role playing suited my learning style to a tee. It was a pleasure to learn from you, I have thought many times since the training “if only this teaching style was implemented into schools what a different outcome there would be.”

I had a compliment on what I was wearing yesterday and I immediately said, “Oh it only cost $25 at Big W”, then thought of what you said about deflecting a compliment. I received a 2nd compliment that day (yes I know the gods were shining on me…) I gritted my teeth, smiled and said
“T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U”.

All the very best for your future endeavours, keep on inspiring people, you are making a big difference (not too many people can say that these days).


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