Practical & Safe

Practical & Safe
Department of Finance – Building Management and Works
January 11, 2014

Thank you for delivering the “How to Handle Difficult Conversations” program. You not only provided us with practical knowledge and techniques on tackling those conversations head on in the future but you also provided a safe, trusting environment where staff were able to explore their feelings and behaviours without judgement.

Some of the feedback comments from staff who attended were:

  • Tracey showed us how to communicate with people who have different personalities, communication skills, background, etc. Tracey also taught us that when it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I’m quite a sensitive person and often limit myself to do something just because it doesn’t feel right. To handle a difficult conversation, we should also say what we think is right and it’s ok to sometimes say no;
  • I think it was great. It helped me to plan what or which way I should approach the conversation to resolve it asap;
  • The course taught me the reasons behind having difficult conversations – some of them might be fear of bad outcome or unhappy emotions due to past experience. The goal is to think positive or at least be neutral when facing another party in a “difficult” or important conversation; and
  • Tracey has taught me so much in the 3 sessions we had with her. I now know not to let something build within and if I have something to say it’s better to first write it down and then speak with the person rather than say nothing.

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