Coles Supermarkets WA
August 1, 2006

Dear Tracey

I’ve just finished the Annual Performance Review for the Team Member you have been working with over the last several months and I’m encouraged by the feedback received from his learnings and application in the workplace.

As you are aware Coles has a values and behaviour framework that underpins everything we do in undertaking our responsibilities as a leading Australian retailer.  The investment in commissioning you to undertake a one-on-one coaching program with the subject has had an outstanding outcome with the foundation established to continue to improve his personal development and leadership skills. The alternative in my view would have possibly seen a separation from the business.

I have noticed a shift in the team members behaviour to that of a greater participation and communication at region meetings are moved from suspicion on the coaching program to that of acceptance and the realisation that there is a genuine approach to develop his behavioural skills.

Your ability to establish a rapport in the early part with the Team Member, I believe was integral in the success of the program.  Events that followed would have been challenging to anyone outside of the retailing environment. Your efforts to gain an understanding of the business and your visits to many sites and liaison with store managers to gain a balanced view of benchmarks within the business to prepare yourself to assisting coaching the individual and particularly the shadowing activity.

Certainly feedback from team members is positive and quotes of, “A big improvement” would depict this.

Feedback from supplier representatives is positive relationships with “strategic force” is reinstated following a meeting with both parties.

I thought I would send a brief note and feedback on the outcomes since we are a couple of months down the track and I look forward to working with you in the future.



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