CONNECTIONS: Professional Services Customer Service – mini mindset challenge #06

These challenges are simply for your own personal reflection. “Food for thought” if you will … with the intention of strengthening your self-awareness and boosting the amount of time spent in the “growth” mindset.

I wish you well and look forward to
hearing your comments,
improvement suggestions and queries.

Tracey McGrath

Do It Daily (DID)


Improving professional services customer service by improving frequency of helpful action.

Connection to improving professional services customer service

  1. Building helpful habits of action improves our effectiveness.
  2. The outcomes of events are more significantly influenced by how we respond than by what actually occurs.
  3. Using the power of time (via repeated helpful action) to build strong relationships

The power of habit

We all do things daily.  The question is whether these daily habits are working for us or against us.

  • Do you get up early and go to the gym, or do you lay around in bed avoiding the day for as long as possible?
  • Are you allocating sufficient time required to get ready in the morning, or are you dashing out the house at the last second and/or gulping your coffee down in the car?
  • Do you habitually tackle the most important things first in your day, or do you procrastinate?
  • Do you habitually look at life “sunny side up”, or are you automatically seeing the negatives in people and events?

These are all habits!

The danger of habits is that we become blind to them.  They are no longer driven by conscious thought.  They are scripts run by the subconscious.  We tend to accept them as, “that’s just who I am.  I’ve always been bad with time management.  Or I’m Irish, of course I am going to have a volatile temper.”  We blame it on our genetics, our environments and/or our past experiences.  Genetic predisposition is simply that ‘predisposition’.  Environmental factors such as a challenging childhood may have influenced our past, however it’s up to us how they influence our future.  The foremost determinant of your success in life is the choices you make.  These choices lead to the habits that play out daily in our lives.

Growth mindset is clear that if we are not achieving the results we want in an area … then we can change.  Change requires action.  Deliberately choosing to pursue a different course.

What is one simple, single action you could take every work day that would improve the quality of your professional services customer service?


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