1 easy way to boost motivation



Here is a ridiculously simple way to boost your motivation …

Read 10 pages from a helpful book every day

A helpful book could mean;

  • a book on personal development
  • an autobiography of a successful person
  • a business book
  • a specialist book in your field
  • any non-fiction book that extends your knowledge.

If you don’t want to read then listen for 10 minutes

If you’re not into reading, then what about a ‘talking book’ or a podcast on any area of improvement that appeals to you?

We all need positive input constantly

No matter how positive a person you might be, we all need to ensure an ongoing input of beneficial material.

Many years ago when working for a large corporate, I came across a series of professional development tapes gathering dust in the training department’s filing cabinet.  They were your typical workplace topics – goal setting, time management and effective communication.  I started listening to them as I drove to and from work each day.  Despite a university education and being well read in the classics, I had never come across such material.  It was transformational.  They introduced concepts and ways of thinking that had never crossed my mind.  Nor were the ideas I was hearing common among my peers.  Even all these years later I still have a very clear memory of me sitting in my car, listening intently to a cassette tape on goal setting and frantically taking notes.  I probably even still have them somewhere.

I became an avid reader of personal and professional development material.  It made a huge difference to my life.  The world became a bigger and more wonderful place as I learnt how I could set and achieve goals that once I would never have dreamt of.

Then one day the cassette tape in my car broke.  I wasn’t too concerned. After all I knew this material from having listened endlessly to the tapes.  What I had no way of knowing was that ongoing input was critical to well-being.  It took several months before I noticed that I wasn’t as positive and didn’t have as much of a “can-do” attitude as I had before.  I was no longer feeding my success habit.

Even to this day I can see the impact on my productivity, my personal sense of satisfaction and fulfilment by whether I do or do not adhere to helpful habits.

Don’t believe me?

Take the challenge

Take the challenge – read or listen to some form of motivational or personal improvement material for 10 days running and notice what happens.  After all, what can you lose?




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