Violence and abuse isn’t confined to gender, political view, colour or religion ~ are you an abuser?


As this particular research shows, violence isn’t confined to a gender.

Abusers – and suffers of abuse – come in all forms – regardless of gender, race, politics or religion.

If we, the human race, are to solve our problems then isn’t it about time that we stop factionalising discussions into men vs women, black vs white, democrats vs republicans, Christian vs Muslim?

How well are you doing with your emotion and behaviour management?

  • Do you get cranky and verbally abuse those around you? Or are you a ‘cold shoulder’ expert?
  • Do you make dismissive comments about others?  (for example, “Your Mum/Dad is an idiot!“)
  • Do you feel it is ok to hit the other party – especially when they are weaker/stronger than you and you know they won’t hit back?
  • Do you use your role to justify not treating someone equitably? (for example, Wives shouldn’t…  I’m your father I have the right to… I’m older/younger more/less educated/experienced… I’m your boss…)
  • Are you attacking others because you are afraid to face doing your own improving and growing?

It can be tough being a person and dealing with the challenges of life.

Is where are you setting the standard for yourself leaving you feeling proud?

If not, you can choose to change.




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