“Eighty percent of business is about one human being attempting to communicate with another” – Chin-Ning Chu.


I don’t have time to learn to swim … I’m too busy drowning!


  • If it was easy, then you wouldn’t be having a problem.
  • If you could have fixed it by yourself, then you would have done it by now.

All of us need help … even if sometimes it’s simply an outsider’s perspective. Tracey McGrath can help.

* * * * *

Listed below are some of programs that Tracey McGrath has developed to address client problems.

Each program has an emotional intelligence core and addresses underlying barriers since staff resistance is rarely a skill issue and more typically it is an ethical or emotional one.

Each program provides practical solutions that suit your organisation.  This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘best practice’ but rather the practice that your people can cope with and will be willing to implement.



  • Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • Coaching in Difficult Conversations
  • Communication under Fire
  • Communication under fire – for teachers
  • Conflict Resolution: Practical Insights into Managing Conflicts
  • Conflict Resolution: Managing the Emotional Person
  • Managing Conflict: Causes & Cures
  • Managing Conflict: Working with Groups
  • Managing Emotions in the Workplace
  • Managing the Angry Parent
  • My Magic Wand Broke on the Way to the Office
  • NUTTERS PART I; Someone please help me…I work with a bunch of Nutters!
  • NUTTERS PART II; Coping with Conflict: maybe if I keep my head down, the crazy person will go away!
  • SURVIVING SCHOOL TODAY! Coping with Conflict & Dealing with Demands


  • Influence & Impact: Leadership Development Program
  • Managerial Effectiveness:
  • Women In Management
  • Tapping Talent – Women’s Emerge Program
  • The Total Team: Getting to First Base
  • The Total Team: Communication & Diversity
  • The Total Team: Skills, Communication & Connections
  • The Total Team: Understanding Self & Others
  • The Total Team: Viva La Difference
  • You want me to do WHAT! Fair Exchange in the Workplace


  • Working Well! Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace
  • Avoiding Professional Burnout – How to survive today’s workplace
  • Raising Resilience – how to get your team willing to confront challenges


  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Boost your Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Better Self Esteem
  • Building Better Self Esteem – in the Classroom
  • Coping with Change
  • Raising Emotional Resilience
  • Winning People Over


  • CONNECTIONS – 5Q – Customer connection for professional services
  • Clients for Life: their future is your future
  • How to give EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Handling Customer Complaints
  • RAISING THE BOTTOM LINE: Satisfied staff serving contented customers
  • 6 reasons for Sales Avoidance – and how to cure them
  • 7 Steps to being more successful in business
  • Don’t Sell! Diagnose…and bring genuine value to your clients
  • Fear-Free Selling Success
  • Money Matters: A simple guide to prosperity thinking
  • Planning for Profitable Performance
  • Presentation Skills